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Refuted, pride and prejudice

What have I gotten myself into?

Man, I got a couple of random PM’s today, on different forums. One of them was from some kid on IGG telling me that I had been accepted onto his graphics staff for his guild. Well, being the pushover I am, I joined on another of my alternate accounts, and joined the forums. I then PM'd him there asking what I should do. He told me to go to this one private board, then later told me that he had to make me a mod to get into the board. And he did.

And he took it a step farther than that. He made me an admin. o_o I have no idea why. He also made Nicole, who had just joined, and admin also. Well, as I was playing around with the panel, I found out that I could ban, delete, or modify any member I wanted to. Hehehehe, man, it was so tempting to get rid of that little kid that is running the place! I can already tell that I won't like it there.... He's very strict.

I've seen this kids picture also. He is a little kid, 9 or 10 years old. You know, Peter Pan/Torque/Bendigimon's age? =[ I wish I wasn't such a pushover.

Anyhoo, I'm going to be making graphics for the guild, lookup banners, faders and stuff. I'm not going to stress, since I already have my original job at Frozen Midnight.

On IGG, lots of people are leaving. Not that I really care, but I know it must be dissapointing to Janie that so many people are leaving. With her just coming back and all. Lots of them are going on breaks beacuase of real life issues, but some of them are leaving for good. All because of one stupid guild.

Now, this rival guild is being run by a former IGG council member. She came back onto IGG, and started advertising her guild. I don't know why they haven't kicked her out or anything, but she's still running around, recruiting people for her guild. I wish I could kick her.

I guess she might actully be doing some good, because the more higher ranked and popular people leave, the more room for lesser (aka me ) important members to come in and make themselves at home. At my last count, 6 people have left IGG in the last 3 days.

I finally saw a picture of Janie's very cute baby! :) Little Joseph David (also called Joe) is so cute! I was concerned about Janie and Bob/Steve, because I hadn't heard anything about them recently. And Bob/Steve's blog hadn't been updated in two months, and the last entry was really depressing. Like he and Janie had split up or something, or maybe Janie had died. o_o Me and my strange immagination!

I wish I could talk in the AIM IGG chatroom. :( But, I honestly don't like the way all the members are addicted to AIM, so I'm sort of glad that I'm not on it like they are.

I made something for FM! :) I was inspired by Holly's act of kindness there.

See, it's a thank you note! :) It need some editing, because I just realized that I left half the staff out. :P And, I want to try making the "Dear Everyone" bump mapped. I think I still have the XCF version saved on the computer... hmmmm....

I had to close my request board on IGG because I am absolutly swamped with everything. With my two graphic jobs, and all the requests that were piling up, I had to do somthing. So I closed it for a while, and decided that I will only take 5 requests at a time. I am going to be so busy on Thursday.... :(

Oh well, that's it I guess.




you're crazy. baby bruces are ugly.
Well, to each their own huh?
That was just my stupid older sister :P She found out what my journal is and started to post useless comments :P
Refuted, pride and prejudice

August 2004

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