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Refuted, pride and prejudice

Woohooo! ^__^

Something really cool happend on Wednesday! I got accepted as official graphics staff for FrozenMidnight.com! :D FM is a professional graphics site, where you order graphics and stuff.

Well, I'm not going to be doing that part because I'm not good enough. I applied for Graphics staff, which make buttons, blinkies, and other requested stuff, and I got in! I feel so special!

Jamie, the guy who owns part of the site/head guy, sent me an email and asked me to signup on the forums. Well, FM doesn't exactly work on Netscape, so I had a bit of a problem there. So, I switched to the other computer when I could and signed up on IE. And, I can log in by going to the main FM site and clicking "Go directly to forums". I haven't had any major problems so far though.

As staff, I get a personal @FrozenMidnight.com address! However, I am having some problems with it. On the staff log in page, I get this strange popup window asking for the designated staff password. You don't enter anything in; it says you have abad password. And Jamie hasn't told me anything... So I just turn off javascript temporarily and I get to the staff page. The staff email page doesn't work either. My name isn't listed on the staff emails to log in. Hehe, but I found a way around htis! I looked int he source, copied the link of one of teh exsisting emails there, changed the name so it said Allison, and Shazam! I'm there! I just hate having to keep copying that link though. :P

Even though I haven't had an official job, I made something for FM anyway. ^^ I'm using it in my signiture on IGG as a link to FM. :)

Cool isn't it? I used the gradiant in the background this time, and then tried the fader on it. Unfortunatly, I chose the wrong colors, so it dissapears for a while. :P But when I posted that on FM, Jamie said it was cool and to keep up the good work. :P

I made a fader for myself too!

I kept forgetting which frame I was on and had to start over like 3 times lol :P

I also finally got the fader for Mage done!

Note to self: Try putting the fader on the picture itself next time, not under.
It was a nice short fader so I didn't ahve much trouble. :)

(BTW, my ad for FM on IGG didn't do anything :( )


Nice fader for Fm, I really like it :)
Refuted, pride and prejudice

August 2004

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