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Refuted, pride and prejudice

Yay I did all my requests! :)

I managed to do all my requests! Woohoo! Go me! :D I got so sick of doing it after a while though. -_- I probably spent about three hours on GIMP making all the stuff. Lemme post them here, in no particular order….

Aren’t I cool? I made all of those! :D

Tymaporers button was fun to make! She had a really cool picture (aptly named “fire”) that was fun to work with! I thought about blurring the picture, but decided against it as to keep the very abstract nature of the picture. I also tried out a different style of doing the text. The text and the text outlines are two separate layers. The colored text in the front I used a really cool gradiant on it. GIMP comes with lots of very cool gradients, and I decided to use the one named fire. And, I did a different type of animation also. Since the letters were different colors, and the outline was white (thinking about it, I could have switched it around), I decided to just animate each letter so that it would flash white. Fader style was out of the question, and I wanted more animation then just little boxes flashing. :P

The “not cute” button I did not enjoy making at all. Why does everyone on IGG like to use those pinup-toons? I went to the site, and it is discusting. Well, I made the button, and I didn’t care how it looked. The person wanted me to use an ugly font anyway.

Ewwww, this button was even more difficult to make. First of all, the colors clash. Green and black on a orange background? Please! But, I did it and didn’t care about it either. And, I was not about to do a fader on something that long. So I just animated the letters.

Monica’s button was very nice and simple to make. She wanted the background from my request button, and I tried to give it to her. She also wanted me to put a little pixel doll on there. It was a pretty easy thing to do. I tried matching the background, but you can’t really see it anyway. And she wanted it pink, so I gave her pink! J

Don’t ask me why that anime dude is on a button that says Angelic. It certantly doen’t look angelic to me. But, what the customer wants, the customer gets. So, I made it. And tried to do my best with it since it wasn’t a nasty picture.

Chaud (aka Peter Pan) requested from me. I still hate him for the JFG thing, but he was actually being sort of polite. I made his button, and it turned out like that. I tried a different style of fader, by making the fader bounce back and forth forever. Looks cool doesn’t it? ^_^

I also did an open request from PPT, and I now wish I didn’t. -_-

Look at what I did! The guy on the right looks terrible, but that’s what I get for trying to bump map this thing that doesn’t need to be bump mapped. :P The colors don’t match either. Oh well. I tried. *note to self: never take an open request unless you know you can do it* I just took it so that some poor guy wouldn’t be stuck with one of Dawns work. I would never intentionally let some poor person be stuck with one of her things.

One of the last things I did was make a set for a set contest. Remind me; never ever make a set for someone else. When I do, they turn out terrible.

The picture was really pretty. I wrecked it though. The avatar looks real nice though. J

During the last 5 minutes on, I saw I had a picture transparitising request. And I can’t believe I did it so bad. Take a look for your self.

I just took it into Microsoft Photo editor and made the background transparent. Unfortunatly, the dolls background was black. And the eye brows and eyes were black also. So now I have a doll that you can see straight through her face. -_-

Gah, I need to learn to use the LJ cut tool.


Refuted, pride and prejudice

August 2004

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