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Refuted, pride and prejudice

Wow... Buttons are so easy... o_o

I found some really cool button templates on www.fairy-dust.com (great site by the way, you should go...) that are really easy to use. Think of them as avatar and signiture templates, only for buttons. I’ll show all of them here…

The Bruce button was really easy to make, since I had a picture in mind. You see, I got a website layout for her petpage, so I took one of the larger pictures in the layout, blurred it a little, stuck on the template, put on words, then animated the little boxes. Pretty easy and straight forward. =)

I have no idea what I was thinking when I made a button that said "A site divided." That button is going to be the link to my website (you can view it here), and I decided to think up a title. Well, I thought up A site divided. Doesn't make any sense, and I don't know why my site is divided (o_o), but it sounds cool... Hehehe... I basicly did the same thing as the Bruce button (blurred the picture from the layout a few times and stuck on the template and animated it) so....

I needed to make a freepgs.com button becuae I want to get the link off of my site, so I made a button for them. Very simple and no animation. I took one of her premade buttons, erased the inside, and put on the text. :) Managed just to fit. And, since I wanted it to be simple but still cool looking, I did the text in black.

Lavaladees button was the first request button I did. I think that the premade button is very pretty. :) My only gripe is that she wanted the font Redensk. It's ugly. It can't get as small as Silkscreen. But, since she wanted it, I did it. And, I did a little fader stuff on it too. :)

Ok, my ramble button is strange, and very plain looking. I'll probably make another one. But, I wanted a link to my Livejournal that actully sorta matched the colors, so I made that. The template is very plain, so I'll do it over agian.

Hehe, I like this last button. It's very pink. It's a request button for me, so people can request buttons from me on PPT and IGG. I made a matching set from it, but I changed it becuase I requested a set that is really nice, :)

Speaking of that new set, I'll post it here. :)

Mary (aka tropikalgoddess18) made it for me! :D I have discovered that I love the pictures of Princess Diana, and I wanted a set made. Unfortunatly, I could only find a doll of her wearing this really pretty dress, but the doll was pretty also. :) Didn't Mary do a good job? She has really improved since the PPT's Top Graphician started.

There's the matching set for my button thingy. Fairy-dust has a really cool layout, with the picture as a background, and I decided to use it. :) And besides, it came with all the cool brush thingy's on it already! :D

I made a bunch more stuff, but I'll post it tomorrow or whenever..


Refuted, pride and prejudice

August 2004

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