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Refuted, pride and prejudice

Man I sound hyper!

I’m back on freepgs. I was very cranky and tired when I found out that freepgs had just deleted my account, so that accounts for that rant there.

Anyhoo, the next day, after I had gotten more sleep and wasn’t so angry anymore, I signed myself up again. I also used the contact form, explaining what happened.

Well, I got a response saying to sign up again, from the freepgs admin. This was one of the guys I was ranting against in that entry. I had an account, spunky, so I emailed that to him and he activated it. I got my site up, which wasn’t too hard because my sis had showed me some code that I mad “missed.” fairy-dust.tk has it all layed out for me there, and I just need to personalize it a little. And, it’s very simple to use.

And, this time I remembered to put in the link. There is the text link of course, but I’m also going to put in a button. I’m going to be putting in a ton of buttons! :D

This fairy-dust place has templates for buttons, and I have gone absolutely crazy making them. I saved a bunch of very abstract, brightly colored backgrounds, and now they are coming in very helpful. I use a highly decorated area of the background, then I Gaussian Blur it until I either get a vauge reproduction of the original picture, or it’s a very softly textured area. Then, I stick on the button template, add my text, do the necessary erasing, and animate it. And bang! I have myself a button!

I must have made 4 buttons in 20 minutes. They are extremely easy, and I’ve become quite prolific at GIMP. ^_^ Animation still drives me crazy though. I hate copying all the layers, only making slight changes to each. But, I can do fader animation in about 10 minutes (if the text is relatively short), and I can animate the little boxes in about 2 minutes. I’d put them up, but my nasty little sister won’t upload them for me. :P

My sister also got my Baby Bruce’s blog working. She had to completely convert it out of frames, then turn it into a regular blog. And, she even found a blog coder that actually works with Neopets! That made things a lot easier. I got all the pictures uploaded on my *new* freepgs acocunt. Now all I have to figure out is how to stop getting the stupid error when I try to update it from Neopets. :P

I consider myself a thief. I take any background that grabs my attention, and save it to the computer. Sometimes, if it’s a nice pretty background that I want to use, I’ll save it on my own space and use it where ever I want too. But, most of the time I just save them, intending to use them for sets, or, like I’m doing now, buttons. Recently, I went to some website and saw a nice swirly background that didn’t tile right. So, I saved it and doctored it in GIMP. I made it tile, then saved it again. And, that background is the background I used for my LiveJournal button! Squeeeeee! :D

I hate making sets where I can’t make a clean cut. Neopet images are easy becuae usaly their surrounded by white. All I have to do is use the magic want and select all the white and delete it. And clean up the main picture. But with pictures I can’t do that with, I usally just give up. -_- They’re waaaaay too hard to work with.

Bleh. I’m renaming this journal Inane Ramblings :P


Refuted, pride and prejudice

August 2004

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