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Refuted, pride and prejudice

I feel like killing freepgs!

I should have known it wasn't going to last.

I should have seen the signs. First, they got rid of the free package option. Then, they deleted anyone who had a free account. And do you know what? THAT INCLUDED ME! Now, the people who have the linked account are safe. But not me! They claim the sent out 2 notification emails. But do you know what? I DIDN’T GET EITHER OF THEM!

Now I’m stuck without a hoster. Again. Last time I was in this hole, lady diver had just disappeared of the face of the internet without any warning. Now it’s freepgs turn. They claim you can still upgrade to a linked account, but I ask how? If you don’t have an account, then how are you supposed to upgrade? You can’t even sign up as linked! *shoots them* If I was the swearing kind, I would be swearing at them with all my might right now.

All my pictures are gone. I have them all saved on the computer, but freepgs was my primary image hoster. And, I even had a website! Did you know that? It wasn’t working very well, mind you, but I still had a website!

I should have done the link. I knew I should’ve. I thought about that so many times, but I always seemed to forget it. Now look where I am.

Want to know something else? This isn’t the first time freepgs has deleted me. Right after I signed up for the first time, they deleted me. I have no idea why. And, of course, no email notifying me of that. Sheesh. You think that they would actually try to inform their customers of what is going on.

Their paid plans aren’t too expensive. You can get a nice package for a one time payment of 3 dollars. I would be more than happy to do this, except I don’t have a credit card OR PayPal account. They have an address you can send checks or money orders too, but I don’t have either of those either.

Do you know what? I will be back. Freepgs has too much to offer for me to not stay there. I will sign up again, and THEY WON’T DELETE ME! I’ve had my hosters deleted out from under me too many times, and I can’t believe they did it too!

I am so mad right now.


Refuted, pride and prejudice

August 2004

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