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Refuted, pride and prejudice

Wow, I feel productive

Yesterday, I forgot to show all the lovely topbanners I made. :)

They were pretty easy to make, except for the Jennifer Garner banner, which required me to do a LOT of erasing. -_- And, since I can't see what I'm erasing, it gets very chopped up looking. I wish people didn't want me to use those other banner frames. I work best with the normal frames.

The Girl banner was nice and easy. The picture was easy to work with, and they wanted it in a normal frame. That made it easy. The only thing that was difficult to do was saving it, becuase GIMP has this very buggy saving systme. I think the program crashed on me like 3 times in the course of saving it in the layers, then as GIF.

For the wocky banner, it was ok to make. But, the wocky wouldn't resize right and it came out all fuzzy and pixely. =/ The girl instructed me exactly on what colors to use, so I followed it. It was just the matter of erasing the bottom so the frame was uninterupted by the picture. Erasing is so much work.

The pink banner was very simple. Cut out the picture, feathering it so that the edges were softer, put a pink background on, do all the fancy text stuff, and I was done. Then came the saving. =/ GIMP crashed 4 times for this one.

Besides all of that, I started to work on a new set. See, I was trying to copy Aura's set that he is using right now, that has a faerie grundo on it and is really cute. I'm trying to copy it with the faerie bruce. I got the avatar done, and it looks sorta ok. Got the outline around the picture, got the scanlines over the background, and I have the same edges as him. The text I had to change though becuase the stroke wasn't working on text. So I did the reqular outlinging it, then making it into a fader. I got most of the avatar done; I just need to fix the animation. I also need to start working on the sig.

While I was working on the avatar, I decided that I wanted to make my own LJ icon. So, I took the avatar, and started to copy that into a LJ icon. I had to start from scratch becuase of the picture differances, but it turned out like this:

The outline got all fuzzy (don't ask me why), but it's just about an exact copy of the avatar. And, it's 100 x 100 also! =D

Wow! This is one of my longer entries! And I still think that LJ's are a waste of time. :P


Refuted, pride and prejudice

August 2004

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